Overview from the Rhein

It took me three years and a half to add a new post in this blog. Geez. For those years, I don’t even remember I have this one. But then out of the blue, came an idea. Hey, how about keep posting on this one?

Enough for the preamble.

So, last June I got a very special moment, which I have dreamed about since many years ago. Yes, it’s a Euro Trip. Not all of Europe actually, just Germany. And it’s only in the three city, for twelve days. Long story short, me and my college friends had received a visiting grant from DAAD, and our adventure thousands miles from home begun…

The first: Cologne. Or Köln. Whichever fits in your tongue. I found this city is very impressive. Located at the banks of Rhine, it has epic riverfront views. Combined with good architectural taste and many historical churches and cathedrals, I can’t stop saying wow to myself. Being the only one who hold the degree in architecture in my group, It feels like I’m the only one who always late. Yes, the views were too good to pass up.

When I walked through that alley, I can’t stop swearing. A huge cathedral seems suddenly appears in the end of the path.

Wonder why this bridge full of shit padlocks? Lovers the superstitious, of course, usually wrote down their name on their padlock, and threw the key to the Rhine. A symbol of naive idiocy true love which nothing can separate but God.

Finally, the Old Kaiser himself, in a Prussian military uniform, on a back of a mighty horse.

By the way, the state which the city belong is Nordrhein Westfallen. Beautiful name, isn’t it?


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