Ratu Boko

Last month was a special month for me. Yes, it was Ramadhan, a holy month. The most interesting part of it was in the end. Remember, we have a strong tradition: lebaran, and mudik. Days after Idul Fitri usually used by people as recreation time, along with numerous gatherings. Since most of my families are in Yogyakarta, I always be there when lebaran comes.

I took my time in Ratu Boko, a complex of ancient palace dated to Mataram Hindu Kingdom in Central Java. Yes, what you’ll see are ruins, and a very slow progress of reconstruction.

Pictures below are not the ancient palace, it’s a cafe, nicely sit in a place with great view. I can see Prambanan and Merapi from the distance.


Minal aidin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin 🙂



East Kalimantan Performing Arts

The Bride

An episode of Malay wedding in Bagansiapiapi, Indonesia

The bride held a religious ceremony, followed with the traditional one. Look at the bride closely, see how much accessories she wore.

When her husband came, her mother tied them together before enter the house. A very symbolic stuff eh?

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