Ratu Boko

Last month was a special month for me. Yes, it was Ramadhan, a holy month. The most interesting part of it was in the end. Remember, we have a strong tradition: lebaran, and mudik. Days after Idul Fitri usually used by people as recreation time, along with numerous gatherings. Since most of my families are in Yogyakarta, I always be there when lebaran comes.

I took my time in Ratu Boko, a complex of ancient palace dated to Mataram Hindu Kingdom in Central Java. Yes, what you’ll see are ruins, and a very slow progress of reconstruction.

Pictures below are not the ancient palace, it’s a cafe, nicely sit in a place with great view. I can see Prambanan and Merapi from the distance.


Minal aidin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin 🙂



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