Bar and Cuisine

“You should visit a brewery and taste a beer in Cologne!” as Oliver, our guide, told me. Sorry, but I’m not interested in trying such kind. But, entering a local restaurant seemed fun, as a part of experiencing the local’s rhythm of daily life.


After walked from one to another, we chose this one…


Choosing the right menu was never easy. In one side, I wanted to taste the local cuisine. In the other side, I had to consider whether it’s halal or not. Obviously, most of it weren’t. I chose the neutral one: goulash. Whatever it is, it’s a beef with sour sauce, served with bread. Dari rasanya, saya jelas jauh lebih suka rawon.


And our guide? Pork blood pudding with apple sauce. That’s his meal.


Views Around the Hotel

Our hotel in Cologne was located far from the city’s center of activity, thus gave us some precious quiet moment. Through the window, I could see a glance the atmosphere of the common neighborhood. It was nice.

In one afternoon, I climbed the hotel’s roof in a purpose to fill my curiosity. Yes, it wasn’t a safe thing to do, but hey, I got some nice views from there!

Lagian, udah jauh-jauh ke negara orang, mbok ya nakal sekalian. Kapan lagi manjat-manjat genteng di sini?

From the top, I could have a sneak peak to the neighbor’s apartment. Well, they have a lovely balcony and a grill. Kind a place to spend your afternoon, sipping tea, and watching leaves fall from the trees.

Finally, feared of being caught for my unsafe act, I returned to my room…


And here’s one of our group member, enjoying the soft breeze from the window.

Cologne Street Shots 2


Few more street shots from Cologne. Pictures were taken at Deutzer Bridge, Cathedral Plaza, and Neumarkt.

Near the Cathedral’s Plaza, I found a band of street performers, The Wordlfly. This Australian group were there as a part of their world tour.

Street Shots: Cologne

Beautiful landscape and nice buildings are good, but how the people inside the city lives, it’s another way. Capturing the unprepared moment always fascinating 🙂

I saw many cyclists. They are everywhere, even in the trams, buses, and trains. A really nice way to travel. Since I had a crush on cycling, I couldn’t hold myself to take pictures of bikes, everywhere I found it 😀

It was the beginning of the summer.

Picture above: not a citizen of Cologne.

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